Sumptuous Feast

Schedule: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Feast is the center of attraction of Sunday weekly program. All the devotees after Arati have sumptuous prasadam. Krishna offered prasadam are delicious and they are prepared with great care keeping in mind about its purity. Suddha sattwic prasadam is very much necessary for leading a simple and pure life.  According to vedic injunctions food is the driver for good thought. A person’s thought is majorly controlled by the food that he intakes. Hence, everyone must be careful about what he/ she receives.

Krishna Prasadam is the best and recommended to lead a pure life. Lord Krishna says, any food that a person takes must be first offered to him as Yajna sacrifice. Whoever does not offer food and take it for his own enjoyment basically eats the sin. That is why all the prasadam in Krishna Balaram Mandir is spiritualized by first been offered to the deities.

yajna-sistasinah santo
mucyante sarva-kilbisaih
bhunjate te tv agham papa
ye pacanty atma-karanat

The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment, verily eat only sin.  

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