Managing Emotions

World-over suicide is the number one cause of death for 18 to 24 year-old males. Statistical data highlight that 30% of the global workforce suffer mental health problems leading to suicidal tendencies. The single primary cause of negative behavioral patterns such as anger, fear, boredom, conflict, sadness, desire, shame, guilt, etc., in the modern-day corporate professional is the lack of knowledge regarding managing one’s emotions efficiently.

Uddhava, one of the greatest saints, was instructed that in a dangerous situation an ordinary person cries, becomes fearful and laments, although such emotions do not change the situation

One cannot give up emotions totally and become void. One can find in the Vedic texts the secret of channelising one’s emotions even under pressure: learning to be self-disciplined. Attend this module and some of the most effective techniques practiced over thousands of years for culturing self-discipline and managing emotions can be yours.

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