This Ceremony is meant to make the future mother mentally peaceful and happy. It is important that the mother be mentally healthy for the embyo to develop perfectly. Thus the Sémantonnayana plays a protective role by chasing away from the woman’s mind all kinds of subtle entities that enjoy disturbing the mind. For this the husband passes over her head a bunch of mango leaves (drshti). This ceremony also protects the womb. The Ayurveda also recommends that pregnant women do not wander alone at night since bhutas (subtle entites) are attracted to fetuses. This ceremony is traditionally performed with the help of a porcupine quill which act as real antennae by transmitting cosmic energy

  • This ritual thus performed gives good brain to the child.
  • Kusha grass can also be used
  • Pairs of nicely decorated hair pins are used to further beautify the future mother’s hairs for her pleasure

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