Govardhan Puja

Govardhan hill is non other than Krishna. During the krishna’s childhood past time, Govardhan Leela was an important past time. During Krishna’s child hood, he used to tend his cows in the day time with his friends. All the cows and calves along with gopals used to perform their past time around Govardhan hill. Govardhan hill used to provide abundant water, grass for feeding cows and was balancing the ecosystem of Vrindavan. Every year the people of Vrindavan headed by Nanda Maharaj used to offer sacrifice to Lord Indra for maintaining consistencies of rain. Because of rain the crops and water supplies continue to flourish the village.

But as the time continues and people of Vrindavan, other villagers worship Indra with sacrifices, Indra has developed the pride and in that pride he thought he is equivalent to Lord Vishnu. Krishna understood the ego of Lord Indra and planned to break it. When gopala community and other villagers were planning to offer sacrifice to Indra, lord Krishna convinced his parents and other villagers to worship Govardhan hill. Since Govardhan hill provides water stream, maintain eco system around Vrindavan, provide pasturing ground for cows, Krishna appealed to drop worshipping Lord Indra. As all the villagers were convinced they prepared the offerings and offered it to Govardhan hill. Krishna in from of Govardhan accepted the offering.

Looking at this, Indra was furious and plan to teach a lesson to the villagers. He rained incessantly for 7 days and 7 nights with torrential thunderstorms. Understanding, Indra’s intention, lord has lifted Govardhan Hill on his left hand little finger for seven days and protected the Vraja vasi. When Indra saw lords opulence and potency, after 7 day, he surrendered and asked for apology. Remembering these past times, vaishnavs perform Govardhan puja in this month.

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