Janmashtami 2021

janma karma ca me divyam

evam yo vetti tattvatah

tyaktva deham punar janma

naiti mam eti so ‘rjuna. (B.G – Text 9)

One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, take his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode, O Arjuna.

Amid pandemic while the world was recovering from COVID, Krishna Balaram Mandir celebrated the ace festival of the year 2021 i.e. Krishna Janmashtami. This year Janmashtami followed a hybrid model where temple welcomed devotees personally to have darshan of lord while the remote devotees were served through zoom to see lord in this auspicious day.

Whole day was packed with different activities of the lord. Temple opened at 5:00 AM in the morning with grand Mangal Arati and followed by Darshan Arati. Lord was dressed in an excellent attire and was waiting for the devotees to come. Until midnight devotees served lord with many sevas like GoHita, Vastra Alankara, Annadana, Laddu Naivedya etc. Midnight Arati was special as it was last arati of Jannmashtami day followed by closure of the altar.

Many devotees enjoyed different sevas in the temple like Jhulan (swing his lordship Radha Manamohan), Abhishekam to Laddu Gopal, Grand Abhishek to Radha Krishna during evening time, and midnight arati (offering ghee lamp to lord and perform arati seva individually.) The whole day was filled with sanctity and auspiciousness.

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