Auspicious Kartik Month

Kartik month is an auspicious month in the whole year. Lord Krishna performed many past times in the childhood, among them liberation of the Kuvera brothers Manikuvera and Nalagriva (Son’s of Kuvera) is an important past time. When Krishna was been fed by mother Yasoda and mother Yasoda realized that her milk was boiling on the fire stove, she put down lord Krishna on ground and ran to take the milk off the stove. Krishna did not like being neglected and broke all the butter pot. Looking at these broken pots, mother Yasoda was angry and chased Krishna to punish him.

After catching lord Damodar (Krishna’s other name which means rope on the belly), she tied Krishna to a heaving grinding mortar. As mother Yasoda was busy with her homely affairs, she forgot to administer Krishna. Understanding the suitable moment, Krishna dragged the grinding mortar while he crawled. While he passed through those cursed Arjun tress the grinding mortar got locked into those tress and with Krishna gentle drag both of those trees uprooted. The two kuvera brothers liberated from the conditioning of the tree life.

Both the brother offered prayers to the Supreme Lord who was in form of a baby Krishna. To remember and celebrate this divine past time of lord Damodar, devotees offer lamp to lord and sing Damodar Ashtakam for this auspicious Kartik Month.

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